Pulled Pork – The First Attempt

I’ve been a bit delayed in getting this post out.  My good friend Jimmy A.K.A J Grilla came to visit after I had taken 4 weeks off alcohol and, well, it’s been a blur followed by lots of headaches.

Given the esteemed J Grilla was visiting I thought it fitting to attempt something big, so it was time to take on one of the Grand Poobahs of BBQ – Pulled Pork.

Now, I’ve done a few pulled porks in my time, but they were before my foray in to BBQ and so I must admit, they were done in the oven (shocking, right?)

With much excitement I was out of bed at 5.45am to fire up the smoker and get the pork ready for the cook.

Pulled pork in the US is traditionally made from a Boston Butt, which is a good way to confuse your Australian butcher when buying pork.  From what I have found, the closest to that cut here is a pork collar butt also sometimes known as a pork scotch roast.

pulled pork 1


For pulled meats you should be seeing lots of connective tissue running all through the meat as this is what eventually breaks down and makes your pulled pork so delicious.

pulled pork 2


I applied yellow American mustard to the pork – this is to help the dry rub stick to the meat.

pulled pork 3


For the dry rub I used Mad Hunky general purpose rub (see more here).

Then straight in to the smoker at 110 degrees celsius.

offset smoker


By this stage it was time to pick up J Grilla.  While waiting for the pork I was able to bring him up to speed with a classic flashback episode (Hi, my name’s Gusface, you may remember me from such delicious items as homemade bacon and pastrami).

beers - mane


Of course we had to pick up a few refreshments because otherwise it’s just two blokes sitting in the backyard staring at a BBQ all day, probably end up talking about our feelings or something ridiculous like that.

Now, the photography and record keeping gets somewhat hazy towards the end of the day, but I kept the pork on until it hit 90 degrees celsius.  I had foiled it at 65 degrees celsius, more to speed up the cook than anything else.  Total cook time was 12 hours almost to the minute, I then rested in an esky for 1 hour.

As I said, I’ve done a few oven based pulled porks before and none of them have fallen apart like this – it was so ridiculously soft.

pulled pork finished


For serving I mixed my homemade BBQ sauce in a 1:1 ratio with white vinegar and stirred through (vinegar based sauces seem to work best as it’s so rich) and served on white rolls.

After drinking your weight in beer nothing goes down better than some of this pork.  Also does a good job at easing the pain the following day.

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16 Responses to Pulled Pork – The First Attempt

  1. Chilebrown says:

    I am sure you will have many more pulled pork and beer days ahead. Nothing beats a pulled pork sandwich. I think the sandwiches the next day are even better. Good times!

  2. Nicely done! A fine way to spend 12 hours or so.

  3. mangina says:

    BBQ sauce recipe pls

  4. Bill says:


    It is looking good. Next time, ask your butcher for a shoulder roast. Shoulder roast = boston butt.

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  6. Luke Healy says:

    I agree with Bill. I’ve only made pulled pork twice, and both times with about 2.5 – 3kg pork shoulder from the local butcher. I don’t have a smoker, so its been on the bbq with the hood down for a good 12 hours. David Jones usually has a good selection of american bbq sauces and rubs if you’re too lazy (like me) to make your own. I picked up a bottle of ‘Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce’ for about $10. Not too shabby in a crusty bun with sour coleslaw.

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