The Gusface Traveller Chilli Con Carne

For some time now I, and quite a few friends, have loved making chilli con carne from a recipe on Gourmet Traveller which you can find here.

I mean, what’s not to love, it has beef, pork and chorizo in it!

When the urge to make chilli came I dusted off the recipe but decided it was time to remix it a little and give it the Gusface Grillah treatment.

The recipe calls for beef mince, pork shoulder and chorizo as the proteins.  I decided my first step in turning this in to a BBQ recipe would be to separate out the pork and smoke it rather than adding in diced cubes.  So I applied a dry rub and it went in to the smoker at around 100 degrees C.

pork shoulder

I then began preparing the rest of the dish as per the recipe – the only modification I make is to add some black coffee in with the liquids as I find this adds an extra depth of flavour to the overall dish.  I also don’t add in a great deal of chilli as I want all those subtle flavours of chocolate and coffee to shine through but if you’re in to Guatemalan insanity peppers then go for it.

chili 2

Once the main chilli dish is ready to simmer I put that in the smoker as well still sitting on 100 degrees so that it can absorb some smoke as well.

I let it smoke for around four hours total, a little longer for the pork, then it’s time to combine the two.

chili 3

You want the pork to finish cooking in the chilli because as the internal temperate rises the collagen will continue to break down and add delicious pork flavour to the rest of the chilli.

The lid went on and I let it cook for another four hours.

After eight hours of total cooking it was time to shred the pork – I separated from the chilli to make it easier to shred.

pulled pork

That beautiful pink colour near the bark is the smoke ring – it shows we’ve successfully added delicious smokey goodness to our pork.

The pork was then incorporated back in to the chilli and it was ready to go!

BBQ chilli con carne

It’s not the prettiest dish to photograph but goddamn it was delicious.  Serve on tortillas with guacamole or just apply directly to your face.

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11 Responses to The Gusface Traveller Chilli Con Carne

  1. lol “apply directly to your face”

  2. Bill says:

    Damn. That looks good. I gotta try some of that!

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  4. Chilebrown says:

    That is a great idea to smoke the pork. It will add another flavor level. Ms. Goofy and I recently became International Chili Society Certified Chili Judges. I would give your chili a first place if I could.but competition chili is a different animal. (no beans)

  5. Chilebrown says:

    Thats a good idea. I have not done a full post about the differences but mentioned a few last week on the contest we judged. (May 10)

  6. Matt Thomas says:

    Hey Gusface, cheers for the inspiration. We don’t have a BBQ smoker so I brined the shoulder for 24 hours in a 40% brine solution with some added sugar, and cold smoked for 12 hours on applewood. Low cooked for 2 hours and finished in the chilli for 2 hours before shredding. Super intense smokiness, not lost in that amazing chilli recipe. Keep them coming!

    • cold smoked – nice!! what do you cold smoke in?

      even the original gourmet traveller recipe without smoke is really good but i love the idea of the cold smoking, that would be just as good if not better

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