It’s Bacon Week! Bacon peanut brittle!

A wise man once said “mmm…  bacon”

In Australia it’s bacon week – even better than bacon day.

To celebrate I’m going to attempt as many bacon related dishes and posts as I possibly can.

I was a bit underprepared coming in to bacon week as I’ve been quite busy in my real job, but to kick off I’m going to be making bacon peanut brittle. 

Now, as long time readers of Gusface Grillah, I trust that you all now make your own bacon.  Well, if you didn’t – I forgive you, because my homemade stocks are running low and I don’t have time to replenish right now, so some of these posts will be brought to you by, *gasp*, storebought bacon.

For the bacon peanut brittle I have loosely followed this recipe as it seemed the most straight forward.  I ended up using less peanuts than recommended given the bacon I was also adding.

brittle 1

Pro tip: buy extra peanuts to accompany the beer you’re obviously drinking while you make this.


Second pro-tip – make a spare plate of bacon to ruin, otherwise you will end up making a second batch for the brittle.

What?  It’s not Magaggie’s birthday?



You want the bacon to be extra crispy for this dish.

Stir in the bacon at the same time as the peanuts in the recipe.

Pour all the mixture in to a greased dish then let it cool on the bench.

peanut bacon brittle

The brittle came out fairly cloudy rather than nice and glossy.  I don’t know a great deal about boiling sugar and making caramel so I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong, but it still tastes pretty good.  In retrospect it also could have done with more peanuts as I would prefer a higher nut:sugar ratio.

I’ll definitely give this another crack as it’s pretty easy to do, I’ll do some reading and figure out how to make that nice shiny, glossy brittle.

Enjoy bacon week and let me know if you make anything special for it!

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11 Responses to It’s Bacon Week! Bacon peanut brittle!

  1. little_brad says:

    All of these posts are bacon me crazy

  2. Casey Glass says:

    “I would prefer a higher nut:sugar ratio”

    Yeah you would.

  3. Chilebrown says:

    Every day is Bacon Day. Great recipe.

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