Bacon Week Continued – Bacon Donuts

As you’re all well aware by now, it’s bacon week.

So far bacon week has consisted of bacon peanut brittle.

Today I’m bringing you a recipe from Slap Yo Daddy BBQ – Bacon Donuts 

Given the steady stream of Simpsons references on this blog it was somewhat inevitable that I create these.

In keeping with the trend I’ll leave you with a relevant quote from probably one of the best ever Simpsons episode:
“Mr. Scorpio says productivity is up 2%, and it’s all because of my motivational techniques, like donuts and the possibility of more donuts to come.”

The recipe on SYD starts off simply enough – place a pineapple ring inside an onion ring then add mozzarella.

bacon donut 8

I couldn’t find mozzarella cheese sticks so I improvised with my sweet knife skills and a ball of mozzarella.

Then came the tricky part, weaving the bacon around the ring.

This turned out to be much harder than it looks – I had a minor tantrum when it all fell apart on me.  Below is the result.

bacon donut 4

Luckily Mrs Grillah is much more patient and has better fine motor skills than I.

bacon donut 10

Fire up a BBQ to cook on indirect heat – I used the trusty Weber for this one as it’s fast, quick and simple for this sort of dish.

weber bacon week
Also pictured is a sneak peak for tomorrow’s #baconweek post

Glaze with some BBQ sauce throughout the cook – SYD calls it optional – in my opinion it should be mandatory – who doesn’t want glazed donuts?!

bacon donut

And just like that – bacon donut! (also reminiscent of a certain goat related internet meme, but anyhow…)

It was pretty damn tasty – I don’t usually like pineapple in savoury dishes but with the BBQ sauce and salty bacon it really worked.

bacon donut 7

That said, despite the deliciousness I can’t see myself making these as per this particular version any time soon as it was far too fiddly but the flavour combination will likely appear again in a different form.  SYD says patience is required to perfect these, but I can be rather impatient at times!

Happy bacon week!

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9 Responses to Bacon Week Continued – Bacon Donuts

  1. rupertmissickjr says:

    This is Yumm, Yikes and OMG all at once

  2. Bill says:

    Been thinking about trying these Gus. Might have to do so. Also been thinking about wrapping a cake doughnut with bacon and smoking. What do you think?

    • Hi Bill, definitely worth giving these a go – they’re tasty, if a bit fiddly.

      I’m all for trying anything once and wrapping anything and everything in bacon – I say go for it and if it turns out good I’ll try it too!

  3. Chilebrown says:

    That looks fabulous. We will see Harry in Santa Clara this Saturday at the BBQ competition. Hopefully he will bring some to share.

    In honor of Bacon Week, I went to Bacon, Bacon in San Francisco for breakfast. Most excellent. I will have a full report in a couple of days on MMG.

    • awesome! i’ve got another one of Harry’s in the pipeline for bacon week posting as well

      look forward to reading that review, they’re speaking my language with the name

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