Bacon Hot Dogs AKA ‘Mega Meat Dogs’

Celebration of bacon week continues – so far we have had:

How many consecutive days can I post about bacon?  Is there some sort of Guiness world record I can achieve?  These are the things that keep me up at night – it’s bacon me crazy.

Friend of Gusface, Bill – over at Three Dogs BBQ – posted this recipe a couple of weeks ago.  I had made a mental note to try this as it reminded me fondly of the bacon explosion, now with bacon week upon us I figured there was no better time to attempt it!

I won’t re-iterate the entire post – the premise is simple enough:

Get a hot dog:


Coat it in meat – I used sausage meat for this as it was on special – as a result I didn’t add any further seasoning.

bacon dogs 2
Looks appealing, right?

Then wrap in bacon and cook on indirect heat for around 45 minutes.

weber bacon week

I glazed with BBQ sauce during the cook and hit it with some macadamia shell smoke.

bacon hot dogs


Best to serve in a large hot dog bun – even with a larger bun this thing is absolutely ridiculous.  I served with some fried onion and mustard.

bacon hot dog

Bill’s other name for this, ‘Gut Bomb’, is entirely accurate as later that night, trying to sleep, I could feel this just sitting there in my stomach.

Pretty damn tasty though!  Would definitely consider rolling this out again in the future, perhaps for a boys night or something, but it’s definitely a sometimes food.

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5 Responses to Bacon Hot Dogs AKA ‘Mega Meat Dogs’

  1. Bill says:

    Hey, that looks familiar! Glad you liked it. But, you are right, it is definitely a sometimes food. Where is the chili and cheese? lol

  2. OFFset says:

    Dude I’m putting a link to these on my blog!!! Haha freaking yum!

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