Bacon Week: Ol’ Turkey Bastard

Bacon week continues – to re-cap we’ve so far seen:

Now we’re continuing the bacon insanity by doing a collab with a ‘Cue Tang member from way back – Ol’ Turkey Bastard AKA Turk McGurk

I’m going to make like Marsellus Wallace and get medieval on your ass with another recipe from Slap Yo’ Daddy –  Bacon Wrapped Turkey Lollipops (okay that doesn’t SOUND very medieval but seriously eating turkey drum sticks makes me feel like a bad ass viking)

The recipe involves a fair bit of prep work to get it right but is absolutely worth it.

turkey bacon 2

Start by removing the skin (oy vey!)

turkey bacon 3

Then cut away from the bone and remove the tendons and little bones as per SYD’s detailed instructions.

Mrs Grillah is a dental hygienist by trade so I used her surgical precision to assist on this!

turkey bacon 4

Coat in a BBQ rub – I used the Cluckin’ Good Chicken Rub from Bella BBQ.

turkey bacon 5

Wrap with bacon and secure using toothpicks.  This is the area of my cooking that requires the most work and I again relied on Mrs Grillah’s fine motor skills.

turkey bacon 6

Cook over indirect heat for 60 – 90 minutes depending on the size of the drumstick to an internal temp of around 75 degrees C.

I used foil to prop up the drumsticks as they wouldn’t stand on their own.  Glaze with BBQ sauce throughout the cook.

turkey bacon 7

Serve with beer and viking helmets.

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9 Responses to Bacon Week: Ol’ Turkey Bastard

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  2. Bill says:

    Very nice. I have some drumsticks in the freezer. I may have to try this. Thanks Gus.

  3. Chilebrown says:

    I am surprised with Mrs. Grillah working in the dental field that you did not use floss to secure the bacon. Another great contribution to this special week.

  4. Ben Arnot says:

    Hey mate, looks awesome. Do you have a link to ‘SYD’s detailed instructions’ for making the lollipops?

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