The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

ultimate bacon cheeseburger

After my post overload last week I would be extremely surprised if you did not know that it was BACON WEEK.

There’s one more dish from bacon week I haven’t posted up yet – I thought you all deserved a break.

If you’re in to bacon you surely can’t go past the classic bacon cheeseburger, so I decided in order to celebrate bacon week properly, I would create THE ULTIMATE BACON CHEESEBURGER.

Last year my sister gave me a book called Hamburger Gourmet from which I’ve made a number of burgers – it really got me in to mincing my own meat as it makes a massive difference to the end product.

So how do you incorporate even more bacon into the bacon cheeseburger?  With a patty that’s half beef and half bacon.

With a patty made half from bacon, burgers really are the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!


For the beef I used some chuck steak and a bit of porterhouse I had in the fridge.

I used some Peppered Pig seasoning from Bella BBQ.  Not a great deal as there will already by some salt present in the bacon.


When making your patties remember to put a dimple on one side of the patty – the meat will expand during cooking so this will ensure a normal shape patty.


Cook over charcoal for optimal results, but if you must go out of the fire and in to the frying pan, then so be it.

I also toasted some brioche buns – they toast bloody quick – a lot faster than regular buns so keep an eye on them.


I put some sharp cheddar on the patties while the buns toasted.

Then it’s time for assembly:


We ran with garlic aoili on the bottom, BBQ sauce on top, then patty>cheese>pickles>bacon.

And for a monster burger, serve with a monster beer:

ultimate bacon cheeseburger

The Bohemoth from Kaiju is an imperial black IPA – packed full of crazy hop flavours and a dark malt backbone, the perfect accompaniment for this crazy burger.

The burger itself was fantastic – it certainly hit the target of ultimate bacon cheeseburger with all that extra bacony goodness in the patty.  I was worried the patty might be overpowering but it was actually really, really good and I would highly recommend giving it a try some time.

Stay tuned as I return to cooking some things that don’t involve bacon so I can keep my cardiologist happy!

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

  1. Bill says:

    Looks great. That dimple trick is the best thing you have taught me this year. Now I don’t end up with beach balls on buns…

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