Gusface Gets Schooled – Urbangriller’s Advanced BBQ Class


With mist on my breath from the cold air and the sun just starting to poke above the horizon I questioned why I was up so early on a wintery Saturday – luckily the answer was BBQ SCHOOL!

Urban Griller is a guru of all things BBQ – well known for his introductory BBQ School he also is a purveyor of BBQs and their associated gadgets.

I attended the Urban Griller introductory course a good four or five years ago now and it was definitely the ember which would one day ignite a full blown love of all things BBQ.  As such, when he announced the first offering of an Advanced class for BBQ School alumni, I knew I had to attend.


The day kicked off at 7.30am sharp for a guided tour of Eurostyle Smallgoods located just across the road.  It was a fascinating insight into just what goes in to a large scale bacon operation – it was like Walter White meeting Gustavo Fring.

We stocked up on some supplies for breakfast as well as some goods to take home – the bacon was some of the best I’ve tasted, I highly recommend giving it a try.  Also the cheese kransky and – look, just try everything.

Fuelled by breakfast it was time to get cooking!  It was a long day filled with a good 14+ dishes so I’ll just pick out some highlights – there’s more pics over on myfacebook page worth checking out as well (and you might as well like the page while you’re there!)


There was already a brisket going on the pellet smoker when we arrived – as they can take such a long time to get to temp Chris thought it best to start early.  For those that don’t know a pellet smoker is a BBQ that obtains its heat and smoke through a steady stream of wood pellets fed through an auger.  As the gauges and pellet auger are electric you get a fantastic temperature control making for a lot less headaches and swearing!  (the new versions are wi-fi operated!)

With the brisket under way we started prepping: a whole duck to be smoked in the Weber Pro Q, a pork neck for pulled pork, beef ribs and pork ribs.


There was also this little piggy who went to market – where he was subsequently bought and stuck in a BBQ!

From there we got stuck in to some sausage making, cold smoked salmon, deep frying a turkey, salt baked chicken and a rotisserie pork loin.


As the majority of dishes being cooked were low and slow by the time we got to the afternoon there was suddenly a multitude of meats being served up.

Attendees responded the only way they knew how, cracking open another beer and getting stuck in to it!


While everything was delicious, the beef ribs were probably the stand out dish for me.  Cape Grim beef smoked low and slow in a ceramic Kamado BBQ – juicy and full of flavour.

By the end of the day everyone was looking pretty weary from the triple threat of: food overload; knowledge overload; and more than a couple of beers.  There was a mountain of food leftover which was parcelled up in take home packs as the thought of ingesting a single morsel more was completely out of the question.

What I enjoyed most from the day was the opportunity to play on a whole lot of new equipment (side note: I need a pellet grill in my life), learn a few new techniques and refine some existing skills.

I highly encourage you check out the introductory class – it’s worth it for the day long degustation alone, but you learn heaps and it’s a fun day.  Shit, if I’m not doing anything I may even join you!



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6 Responses to Gusface Gets Schooled – Urbangriller’s Advanced BBQ Class

  1. Chilebrown says:

    When you mentioned ‘large scale bacon operation’ I sat a little closer to the screen. Sounds like a great day. Knowledge is the key to great BBQ.

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