Restaurant Review: Northbridge Brewing Company


After a long day of dealing with an auditor at work I felt like a beer, and having recently won a free pint at Northbridge Brewing Co through a Twitter promotion I figured what better time to check out Perth’s newest brewery.

Mrs Grillah and I arrived, she went to find a table while I made straight for the bar. I must admit we weren’t off to a great start when it seemed not a single bartender was aware of this free pint competition however the friendly staff quickly sorted it out for me.

NBC currently has four beers on offer: a mild, wheat beer, pale ale and lager ($11.30 a pint). I opted for the pale ale as it’s touted as a beer for those that enjoy Little Creatures and Sierra Nevada, which I do. I ordered Mrs Grillah a glass of tempranillo ($8).

I ordered some snacks to get started choosing the onion rings ($8) and hush puppies ($9). Being the pork fiend I was really hoping to try the pork crackle ($5) but unfortunately they had run out.

The bar was surprisingly busy for a Monday but still had plenty of tables available.

On trying the pale ale I was not particularly overwhelmed (perhaps just whelmed). It’s a largely inoffensive ale that doesn’t contain the hoppy aroma and floral flavours that I would expect of its counterparts it claims to compare to.

That said, given the location I would expect the brewery to start out fairly safe and I hope it branches out with some more adventurous brews once it finds its feet. The good news is that they have quite an impressive beer menu featuring taps such as Feral Hop Hop and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale as well as a wide array of bottles that include the award winning Mash Copycat.


The onion rings were first to arrive, served with a tangy house curried ketchup. Mrs G noted they had a light, fluffy batter and we’re not too greasy as onion rings often can be.


The hush puppies were next cab off the rank and were probably my favourite dish of the evening. They nailed the difficult to achieve combination of soft gooey polenta with a crunchy deep fried exterior and the ranch sauce was delicious.

For our main course we decided to try one each of the slider type options which are: the hog hoagie, bratwurst mini dog and brewery burger slider ($8ea).


The hog hoagie was a tasty little pulled pork roll. The pork was nice and tender, would be nice if it had been smoked (but I seem to say that about every restaurant in Perth!). The bun was slightly sweet like a brioche and an apple slaw balanced everything out.


The brewery burger sliders were next to arrive and the wife and I both agreed that they tasted like Hungry Jacks – but in a good way! Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard in a bun! Delicious.


Last up was the bratwurst mini dog. I’m a sucker for caramelised onion so this was also a winner for me plus the bratwurst itself was nice and moist.

All in all I think Northbridge Brewing Co is definitely worth a visit.. The food was great and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the beer I think they will appeal to a lot of people and for those it doesn’t they have a good selection of craft beer.

Menus and other details are available at

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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Northbridge Brewing Company

  1. Great blog. All the pictures are good. but the last one is worth craving for!!

  2. thanks for stopping by! definitely worth checking out

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