Stuffed Burger Recipe: Piggy In The Middle

Piggy In the Middle

Last week I posted about the stuffed burger press and ever since I have been dreaming of burgers – well, okay, I was dreaming of burgers before that anyway, but now those burgers have stuff inside them.

So without further adieu I am proud to present to you The Piggy in the Middle: A beef burger stuffed with pulled pork.  

I’ve seen a few burger joints now offer a hamburger with pulled pork served on top so it was a natural progression to turn this in to a stuffed burger.


Beef mince – approx 150 – 200g per patty (I used beef chuck)
Pulled pork – 50 – 100g per patty
Dressing: mayo, hot sauce and liquid smoke to taste
Buns (nothing exciting on this one, just plain white buns)

I haven’t gone super specific on the ingredients – just make sure there’s plenty of mince to seal up the pork.

pulled pork burger

Follow the same steps as before: fill the base layer, create a well, fill with delicious pork, seal with mince.

I had some extra bacon in the fridge too so I thought I’d really go whole hog on this one.


Season with salt and pepper then flame grill to perfection – no need for temperature gauges on burgers, you’ll know when they’re done.

The result was very Heston Blumenthal – it looks like a burger, to start with it tastes like a burger – then suddenly you’re eating a pulled pork roll!

Hmm… maybe I should open a $500 per head restaurant too!

Anyhow I was hoping to get a killer pic of the burger in half, beautiful morsels of pulled pork spilling out from the chargrilled beef patty…

But the result was an absolute hot mess so all you get is the bokeh shot up the top.

Definitely give these a try at home – if you don’t have a stuffed burger press just serve the pork as a topping.

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7 Responses to Stuffed Burger Recipe: Piggy In The Middle

  1. Bill says:

    Oh my… Masterpiece. Shall we call this a Moinkburger?

  2. Talk about a hidden surprise… Wow!

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