Middle Eastern Brekky – Smoked Lamb & Tumeric Eggs

Middle Eastern Lamb

Slow smoked lamb with tumeric scrambled eggs, toasted pistachios and fruits.  Today’s dish is my most inventive breakfast yet as there were no recipes involved, just a hungry man looking for a killer morning fix.

One of my favourite activities is foraging through my fridge looking for leftovers I can turn in to a delicious breakfast – leftover beef in my pulled beef benedict; leftover beer for choc stout pancakes (just kidding, I never have leftover beer).

Since acquiring my new BBQ, Robochop the GMG pellet grill I’ve been running a few overnight cooks to test its performance.  Since I’d already tried beef and pork I thought for the third cook I’d run with a lamb shoulder, figuring tomorrow’s lunch would be pulled lamb rolls.

To my delight as I awoke and lazily meandered out to my BBQ the lamb was just about ready!

Pulled Lamb

With lunch still far too many hours away I started planning how I could turn this abundance of meat in to a breakfast.  From there my Middle Eastern Lamb & Eggs was born.

Ingredients: (serves 2)

300g Pulled lamb
4 eggs
100ml milk
2tsp tumeric
2 tbsp pistachio & fruit mix (see below)
2 slices of bread
1 tbsp oil (for the eggs)

Obviously a lot of you don’t just have a 12 hour smoked lamb shoulder sitting around – you could cook up a lamb shoulder in your oven or slow cooker and still have a tasty meal.

Begin by toasting some pistachios – I had a 50g packet at hand but you don’t need a great deal.  I was actually planning on buying some dukkah but my local shop is not exactly ‘gourmet’.

Toasted Pistachios

Once toasted I added a dried fruit mix – I bought dates & pomegranate because it sounded the most middle eastern.  Add a sprinkle of tumeric as well.

Mix your eggs, milk and tumeric.  If you haven’t made scrambled eggs before then this recipe is probably not for you, because I’m not going to tell you how to do it.

Once everything is ready assemble by putting the scrambled eggs on the toast, add the shredded lamb then top with your toasted pistachio & fruit mix.

Middle Eastern Lamb & eggs

Look, without blowing my own trumpet I’ve really got to say that I out did myself on this one.  It perhaps could have used a bit of yoghurt as a sauce, but seriously the flavours were spectacular – give it a try some time.

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