Baking in the BBQ – Smoked Bacon Cupcakes

Bacon Cupcakes

Smoked Bacon & White Chocolate Cupcakes.  I’m back on the baconising of desserts, this time testing out the baking functionality of Robochop my new GMG pellet grill.

I’m a bit behind on my posting at the moment – I’ve been busy smoking and BBQing as usual but I’ve also been completing some post grad study for my day job.  As a result my brain has been a bit too fried (mmm fried brain) to get the posts out.

Hopefully this one will tide you over until I get back with the regular programming.

For those that don’t know, Mrs Grillah is in to cakes as I am to BBQ and had recently taken on orders for a wedding cake and a birthday cake.

As a result of all this baking there was leftover batter for white chocolate mudcake and I jumped on the opportunity to test out the GMG with some baking.  If you’re interested in the white chocolate mud recipe it’s from Planet Cake and you can find it here.

Bacon Cupcakes

Naturally I had to put the Gusface Grillah spin on the cakes and added some bacon – chopped then fried.

I set Robochop to 150 degrees celsius and let it come up to temp.  The pellet grill is perfect for baking because it’s so easy to set a specific, consistent temperature which is crucial for baking.

bacon cupcakes

The cupcakes went in for around 30 minutes – I rotated them half through to ensure even cooking (there isn’t a huge variance in temperature though – our oven is worse).

Mrs Grillah’s tip to check if the cupcakes are done: stick a skewer or tooth pick in – it should come out almost clean – you want it a little bit gooey in the middle.

bacon cupcake

The bacon was a worthy addition, it gave a real salted caramel vibe to these cupcakes.  The pellet grill did a fantastic job and I think it holds a more consistent temp than my oven.

Whether cooking in your oven or bbq definitely give bacon cupcakes a try.

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7 Responses to Baking in the BBQ – Smoked Bacon Cupcakes

  1. Bill says:

    You know, if Mrs. Grillah wants to experiment, we need a bacon dessert recipe for a competition next year. These are a great start!

  2. Two favorite words: bacon & cupcakes. This is awesome!!

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