Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger

Vegemite Cheeseburger

A few weeks ago my sister was in town and requested an extra special burger.  So I made her one of my most inspired creations yet: The Vegemite Cheeseburger.

Vegemite and cheese are best mates and the cheeseburger is one of the world’s greatest achievement, so that got me thinking…

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the amazing umami properties of vegemite recently and have been using it wherever possible, such as putting it on roasts.  It’s a pretty awesome condiment when you start thinking beyond just putting it on toast.

Vegemite Burger

Another thing I’ve been doing is making a lot of stuffed burgers, so this burger was to be no different.

Begin by applying vegemite to the bottom of the well in the patty then fill the remainder with cheese – I used a mature cheddar as I wanted something bitey.

vegemite aioli

Every burger needs a killer sauce and the theme of the dish inspired a brand new creation: Vegemite freakin’ Aioli.

Stumbling across this unlikely duo was one of my finer moments – it’s salty, garlicky, creamy – everything you want in a condiment and more.

Aspiring MasterChef contestants may want to make their own aioli but whatever, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Vegemite Cheeseburger

Once stuffed, grill your burger patties.  Y’all know by now that I would prefer it if you grill over charcoal or woodfire, but either way these burgers will still rock your world.

When I cooked the Jamie Oliver Insanity Burger I learned the technique of brushing the burger with sauce to get a gnarly crust going on.  Staying on this burger’s modus operandi I applied vegemite to the exterior of the burger to give a salty crust to this bad boy.

One of the other vegemite and cheese super friends is avocado so I put a healthy serve in to the burger to help balance out all that salty goodness.

Vegemite Cheeseburger

I’ve made a lot of burgers in my time and there is no hesitation in declaring this one the best I have ever made – shit, I don’t know that I will ever top this.

Make it.  Apply to face. Thank me later.

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17 Responses to Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger

  1. click it AB says:

    Looks delicious…all the best for your future blogs. Stay connected

  2. Chilebrown says:

    You have got my attention. If I can even find a jar of Vegemite.

  3. Bill says:

    And what do hipsters eat Down Under? Is Marmite a god substitute? I have seen that.

    • I try not to concern myself with the eating habits of hipsters but I’m sure it’s some sort of organic single origin type thing

      Marmite should work, it’s sort of like the British version of Vegemite, which means no Aussie would be seen buying it

  4. Looks great! I have been craving a good cheeseburger lately…

  5. Chilebrown says:

    Hopefully you will reply before dinner time. I just scored the vegemite and made a sandwich. Wow what a salt bomb. My quick question can you elaborate on the sauce to coat the exterior of the burger. The vegemite is very thick.

  6. Chilebrown says:

    Messy, sloppy, salty, the most ultimate burger ever. I will post tomorrow because now I have to take a vegemite nap. Thanks

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