Northbridge Brewing Company: Man vs Food

Man v Food

Right now Northbridge Brewing Company is a war zone; a battlefield pitting man against food in a stomach stretching fight for bragging rights.

Liz of Breakfast Confidential has been on my case to check out NBC’s latest event, Man vs Food, for the past week now.   As a mum-blogger in the making she felt well up for this – personally, I think that eating for two is an unfair advantage and should be classed as cheating.

Liz, Mrs Grillah, Graybeard and myself arrived at Beerland around 6.30, easily finding a table and had a look at the gargantuan meals available.

The dedicated Man vs Food menu boasts not just one but five different challenges to attempt.  I’d seen pictures of the burger already and was looking forward to making that my attempt but unfortunately it was sold out for the day.

Hulk Hoagie

Liz was first to make up her mind, opting for the Hog ‘Hulk’ Hoagie – a super sized version of possibly their most popular dish, the Hulk Hoagie.  Making a valiant effort, she fell short in the final stretch, leaving behind about one regular hoagie’s worth of food.

Hot Dog

Graybeard opted for the Beerland 18″ Hot Dog and quickly established himself as the champion of the evening, finishing it in under 10 minutes – a best not only for the table, but for NBC as well.  Unfortunately we learned afterwards that all record attempts must be conducted at the bar so this valiant effort will go undocumented in the culinary history books.


The Man vs Food menu offers a Nacho vs Cheese Fries option where you choose between chili con carne or pulled pork with mac and cheese served on either corn chips or cheese fries.

Mrs Grillah went with the pork on corn chips and delivered probably the least impressive attempt of the evening, leaving behind at least an entree’s worth of food.


After being disappointed at the lack of burger I decided on the cheese fries and pulled pork nachos.  With both fries and mac & cheese this dish was Carb City: Population Me.

I started off strong but ultimately it was the fries that were my downfall, leaving behind a smattering of potato scattered over the plate of the plate of failure.

The food was good – all the dishes are basically just bigger versions of items already available on the menu which I’ve discussed previously.

Man vs Food finishes up tomorrow so check it out while you can.

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1 Response to Northbridge Brewing Company: Man vs Food

  1. Bill says:

    it all looks pretty good. I’m a sucker for loaded fries. Can you mail some please?

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