The Dirty Three Way (It’s a sandwich, you filthy animals)


Every year we like to host a party on the first Saturday of summer, imaginatively titled ‘Thank God It’s Summer’; the 2014 edition was much like any other but for the inclusion of enough meats to almost cause a PETA rally out the front of my house.

The flagship dish for the day was The Dirty Three Way – a sandwich comprising of pulled lamb, beef and pork loaded up with some smoked mac and cheese.  

Loaded BBQ

9pm the night before our party I loaded up Robochop the pellet smoker with a total of 6.5kg of: pork collar butt, lamb shoulder and beef chuck.  Set to 105 celsius on apple wood pellets and let it run overnight.

Meats were all covered in the same rub, a super secret recipe so secret that I did not even write it down (read: forget what I put in it).

15 hours later the meat was tender and ready to shred, but with the party still hours away I foiled the meats up and kept them warm in the oven so that I could free up the GMG for the mac and cheese.


The mac and cheese is super simple, like ridiculously easy.  I first saw the recipe on and what I like most about it is you just combine all the ingredients and smack it straight in your grill, no “pre-cook this” or “al dente that” or any other activities eating in to my valuable beer drinking time.


2 cups macaroni
50g melted butter
3 cups milk
2 cups whipping cream
450g cheese (use any combo you want – I mix it up each time, makes me feel alive)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix them all up, put them in a tray and put in your smoker at 120c for around 2 hours.

It’s that goddamn easy.


You’re also going to want a BBQ sauce to smother this bad boy of a sandwich in. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the sriracha stout BBQ sauce from The Beeroness – give it a try, it’s easy to make and tastes like the tears of a unicorn but with a bit more umami.

The Dirty Three Way

Once you’ve got your meat, sauce, mac & cheese and a soft bun, it’s time to make like Voltron and assemble.  Hopefully you don’t need instructions for this part.

This really was a delicous and decadent sandwich – eating three meats at the same time makes you feel like a goddamn king while the mac and cheese sets it off with a naughty “I probably shouldn’t be eating this” vibe.

We had a great day cooking for our friends – in addition to this king of sandwiches we did bulk chicken wings, moink balls and cranked up the wood fire oven for some pizzas.  In fact at one stage I had the Hark offset, GMG pellet grill, Weber kettle and wood fire oven all going at once – I felt like the Grandmaster Flash BBQ.

Thank God It's Summer

By the way the pizza pictured above is a reuben pizza – beef cheek pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and russian dressing – full credits to Bill @ Three Dogs BBQ for that idea – highly recommended.

Hope you all have a great summer, I think I’ve managed to cook every dinner on a BBQ so far!

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7 Responses to The Dirty Three Way (It’s a sandwich, you filthy animals)

  1. Bill says:

    Who is the pivot man in that meaty ménage a trois? Gotta try that sauce. I have something similar, but I use bock and no sriracha. As for the mac and cheese, gotta try that one. BTW, I thought that pizza looked familiar. Do you make the rye crust? Looks killer from here.

  2. gravy says:


  3. johneffcee says:

    Excellent Gus. The CEO and I have just cleared our diaries for next year. We will stay at your place to compensate for the costs of the airfares from Sydney. I iwll be able to help with the fires and the CEO loves making salads and cleaning up.. I always offer to help her but she says it is faster, easier and cleaner if she does it herself. (It took the first 25 years of our marriage and about 30 smashed plates to get her to admit that!!) I will need your address to ship some home brew beer and Limoncello to of course. You would not expect me to come empty handed. Perhaps I could make some more beef jerky? The batch I made over last weekend is half eaten already!

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