A Breakfast Trio of Awesome

Breakfast Taco

This week’s post looks at three cool breakfast inventions: breakfast tacos, the bacon brekky burger and beef cheek reuben hash.

I’ve also added a new section to the menu bar where you can find these recipes and soon to be more.  This section is going to be more method and less me waffling on and making stupid jokes.  (Mmm… waffles)

I love breakfast, mainly because I love bacon; and while bacon can feature in any dish (even dessert) it’s no doubt most at home in the first meal of the day.

Good friend of the Grillahs, Liz of Breakfast Confidential, also loves breakfast (I mean it would be pretty weird running a breakfast blog if she didn’t).  We had been talking about having her around to the Grillah household for breakfast for a while and a couple of weeks ago finally made it happen.

I’ve had a few breakfast ideas kicking around my head that I wanted to attempt but my dilemma was narrowing it down to a single dish to serve up.

That’s where the idea for the breakfast trio came from – three small dishes to highlight a couple of different techniques and flavours.  I’d originally planned to serve it all at once as a breakfast platter, but due to practicalities (home kitchen and lack of sous chef) I decided to serve them degustation style.

breakfast taco

First cab off the rank is the breakfast taco.  Breakfast burritos were all the rage when Australia’s culinary scene was reaching peak-Mexican and I thought why doesn’t the humble taco get a nod?  (If television advertising has taught me anything, this is the part where I am hoisted on to a Mexican’s shoulders and everyone cheers).

The breakfast taco consists of pulled bacon, chipotle mayo and coriander in a soft shell taco.  You can find the recipe here.

This was certainly the prettiest dish of the day.  The coriander gave a real freshness to the dish and was much lighter than the typical breakfast burrito which I tend to find a bit too carb-heavy.

bacon burger

Last year during Bacon Week I made The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger of which the key feature is a patty that is 50/50 beef/bacon.   Ever since that burger an idea started forming at the back of my mind – taking the patty one step further – one that’s made entirely out of syrup (but such a thing has never been done!)

Minced bacon doesn’t make for the prettiest of burgers (somewhat reminiscent of spam) but combined with gruyere, avocado and my famous vegemite aioli it sure did deliver.

You can find the recipe here.

Beef Cheek Reuben Hash

On our trip to Homestead Brewery a few months ago I ordered a corned beef hash for breakfast which was absolutely delicious and something a bit different to my usual order of bacon with a side of bacon.

With some beef cheek pastrami stashed away in the freezer I had been thinking about how to put my own spin on this dish for a while and today was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot.

In my usual haphazard manner I didn’t do a great deal of research or recipe development, however these still turned out pretty tasty.  I subbed in sweet potato instead of regular potato which I do as often as possible because they’re just better ok?

Once I had mixed the ingredients I shallow fried them in oil then finished off in the oven. They had a little trouble staying together and may need a binding agent of some sort, so I won’t post the recipe for this one just yet – further research required!

Overall I was extremely happy with my breakfast inventions – the first meal of the day is so versatile I encourage you to play around with some ideas and see what you come up with.  I’ve still got a few more ideas up my sleeve so you can expect some more breakfast related goodness in the future.

What’s the best breakfast you’ve ever cooked?

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