Cheeto Crusted Deep Fried Bacon


Bacon Week 2015 festivities continue with a recipe that just nearly went a bit too far: cheeto crusted deep fried bacon.

Actually you know what, it probably did go a bit too far, and not a single fuck was given.

Being hungover made these salty, gooey, crunchy, fatty treats all the more better, and lucky for you they’re pretty easy to make.

Ideally you want to have made your own bacon so you can slice yourself some nice big chunks.


You’re then going to need a couple of eggs, flour and a packet of Cheetos – because it’s bacon week I opted for cheese and bacon balls.  Blitz the Cheetos in a food processor then put them, the eggs and the flour in to separate bowls.


Coat your bacon pieces in flour, dunk in the egg then cover in cheeto crumbs.

Place in hot oil until they get nice and crunchy then serve with your favourite BBQ sauce and your favourite beer.



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6 Responses to Cheeto Crusted Deep Fried Bacon

  1. Brilliant idea Gusface Grillah! 🙂 Ros

  2. Bill says:

    Very interesting. How about a sriracha mayo dipping sauce? Those are good hangover eats man. Why to think outside the box!

    • thanks Bill! I was pretty happy with myself! I think mayo would be a bit too fatty because there is already oil from the frying and fat in the bacon – I do love sriracha mayo though!

  3. Chilebrown says:

    I do not believe you have gone to far with this recipe but the music on the other hand. Did I actually say music? I heard this crap all the time and it sucks royally. I am sorry that this music has come to your side of the world. I wanted to believe you only listened to Men at Work.

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