Bacon Sriracha Stout Bloody Mary


Earlier this week for Bacon Week 2015 I made Bacon Moonshine.  Well, today I’m giving you a killer cocktail idea so you can celebrate all things bacon and booze in style: The Bacon Sriracha Stout Bloody Mary. 

My good friends over at Mane Liquor love bacon too so to get them in the spirit of Bacon Week I thought I’d head over there to conduct my cocktail experiments.

Because bacon is the ultimate breakfast food I wanted to make the ultimate breakfast cocktail and this meant taking on the king of brekky beverages: the bloody mary.

For my take on the bloody mary I wanted to incorporate the bacon moonshine and some sort of beer.  Luckily Mane had just brought in the Rogue Sriracha Stout which sounded absolutely perfect to add spice and another flavour profile to this cocktail.


Now I’m sure bloody mary purists everywhere will be outraged by my decision to use a pre-made bloody mary mix but being Bacon Week I was already pretty busy trying to keep on top of my outrageous inventions so just chill.

The recipe therefore is pretty simple:

Two parts bloody mary mix (make your own if you want!) to one part stout of your choice.  Season to taste.  I used the Sriracha stout but there are plenty of other great options.

Pour a shot of bacon moonshine over ice, top up with your stout bloody mary mix and then garnish as you see fit.

As someone that finds bloody marys a bit too acidic at times I loved the addition of the stout, it mellowed out the tomato and made for a well-rounded drink that would make any breakfast boozehound happy.

Now, I don’t know if you’re aware but bloody mary garnishes have been escalating like some sort of delicious, boozy arms race (see here) and I decided I wanted in on that with the invention of The Breakfast Mary & the Bloody Macca – both pictured below.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed Bacon Week as much as I have – it’s been an absolute ball trying to come up with all this crazy shit so I do hope you’ve been entertained.

The Breakfast Mary:


The Bloody Macca:


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  1. serenaglow says:

    Lol :)) awesome 😁

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