Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger (redux)


With my overhaul of the site I thought I would revisit a classic just in time for Australia Day, one of my first crazy burger inventions – the Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger.

Vegemite mayonnaise,  home ground patty stuffed with cheese and vegemite, more cheese, pickles and avocado.  Smoked with cherry wood in the Weber.

This burger is totally over the top but I love it!

Ingredients: (makes 4)

  • 1kg ground beef (refer to my previous article if you need help on choosing your beef)
  • 4 x buns (didn’t see that one coming did ya)
  • 4 x burger cheese slices
  • 350gm shredded cheddar
  • 1 cup mayo
  • Vegemite, around 6tbsp total
  • 100ml stout beer (choose a somewhat decent one as you’ll have two thirds left to drink)
  • Pickles
  • 1 avocado, mashed


Mix the shredded cheese with 3 generous tablespoons of vegemite until it’s evenly coated.

I used a stuffed burger press as it makes life a lot easier – there’s a lot in the market but I use the one by Hark.

Use around 180g of ground beef to form the base of your patty, using the press to form an indent in the middle.  Fill with as much of the vegemite cheese mixture you can.

Seal the top of the patty with more ground beef, around 70g, making sure you seal it completely.

At this point in time mix the beer and a large tablespoon of vegemite until combined.


Set your BBQ up for indirect heat, moderate to low temp (around 250f) and choose some wood for smoking.  In my opinion cherry is king when it comes to burgers.

Baste the patties with the vegemite beer mixture and place in the BBQ.  If there is any baste mixture left you can apply to the patties during the cook.

The patties will take around 45-60 minutes to smoke.  Depending what you’ve stuffed your patty with it can be somewhat difficult to gauge when they will be ready, but as this is just cheese, cheese melts at around 150f (65c) so that was my target internal temp.


When the patties are almost ready pop a slice of cheese on top and put the lid back on the BBQ to melt.

Meanwhile take the mayo and a tablespoon of vegemite and mix together until combined.

Once your patties are cooked, apply vegemite mayo to the bottom of the bun, place your patty on top, pickles, then avocado on the top of the bun.

Enjoy the cheese and vegemite overload.


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