Welcome to Gusface Grillah, a blog about my journey into the dark arts of BBQ.  It will also feature more bacon than is probably healthy, all things ‘dude food’, the odd review, a ridiculous amount of lame jokes, hip hop references and anything else that takes my fancy. Oh and beer, I will definitely talk about craft beer.

Barbeque has been part of my life as long as I can remember with my dad grilling steaks on the gas BBQ for dinner or Christmas lunch roasted in the trusty Weber kettle.  The Australian concept of barbeque has tended more towards ‘hot and fast’ than the US ‘low and slow’ – my focus is on the latter but there will be plenty of grilling in the mix as well.

After attending a BBQ class I started using my kettle BBQ for new techniques so that I could start slow smoking foods. At the start of 2014 I added a Hark offset smoker to the collection so that I could take my cooking to the next level and created this site to document my progress and encourage me to try new things.

This blog is intended to be more about the story than just posting a recipe because there’s already recipes for every dish under the sun floating about the internets. I will ramble, swear and make more Simpsons references than an adult man probably should – hopefully you enjoy.  I want to bring a different perspective to the plethora of BBQ blogs out there by documenting an Aussie’s attempt to cook US style low and slow BBQ.

I’m open to suggestions, requests and links to just about anything so go and like me on Facebook and start sending me bacon pics, hate mail or whatever. If you cook anything awesome make sure you share it with me (pictures will do, but a doggy bag is better)

Yours grillingly,


1 Response to About

  1. Edward says:

    Hey Gus, great blog!!!

    Cheers from the “Blood, Fire and the Pillars of Smoke”!


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