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Smoked Venison Ribs (with Porcini Dry Rub Recipe)

Time to break the hiatus with some delicious smoked venison ribs so check out my witty unpredictable talent with all natural game.

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Bacon Moonshine

Bacon Week 2015 continues!  I don’t know what I’m going to do when this week is over.  Probably cry a lot. Today I’m helping you find your spirit animal – that is, an animal-infused spirit. That’s right, we’re making BACON … Continue reading

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Cheeto Crusted Deep Fried Bacon

Bacon Week 2015 festivities continue with a recipe that just nearly went a bit too far: cheeto crusted deep fried bacon. Actually you know what, it probably did go a bit too far, and not a single fuck was given.

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The Swineapple

Happy Bacon Week 2015 everyone!  I’ve been going bacon crazy over the weekend and have so much cool stuff to share with you!  Don’t forget to follow me on instagram (@gusfacegrillah) for loads of sneak peeks at what is in … Continue reading

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Recipe: Jarritos Cola BBQ Sauce

This recipe came about after being inspired by the Port Macquarie BBQ Competition.  See, they had a mystery ingredient category in the competition and it turned out that mystery ingredient was Jarritos soft drink – any flavour you please – to … Continue reading

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Burn After Reading: Pork Liver Pâté

It feels like I haven’t been posting enough about my cooking recently.  Well, that’s about to change and it’s coinciding with the launch of a new segment: Burn After Reading. In an effort to start working through my collection of cookbooks … Continue reading

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Chew the Fat: Jay Beaumont – Australasian Barbecue Alliance

Welcome back to: Chew the Fat.  This regular series will feature interviews with a range of folk involved in the BBQ scene as well as anything to do with my other loves: bacon, dude-food and beer. This edition features Jay Beaumont, President of … Continue reading

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The Dirty Three Way (It’s a sandwich, you filthy animals)

Every year we like to host a party on the first Saturday of summer, imaginatively titled ‘Thank God It’s Summer’; the 2014 edition was much like any other but for the inclusion of enough meats to almost cause a PETA … Continue reading

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Double Smoked Ham with Maple Stout Glaze (Oh, and a sauce made from beer too)

It’s time to share a Christmas recipe with my maple & stout glazed ham served with a stout sriracha onion jam.

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Hocktoberfest: Smoked & Braised Pork Hocks

Recently Perth has been starting to warm up, getting ready for summer; but with a recent spate of dreary weather I thought I would do one last stodgy comfort food goodbye to winter; and with Oktoberfest going on in Germany … Continue reading

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