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Northbridge Brewing Company: Man vs Food

Right now Northbridge Brewing Company is a war zone; a battlefield pitting man against food in a stomach stretching fight for bragging rights.

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Cheesy Vegemite Stuffed Burger

A few weeks ago my sister was in town and requested an extra special burger.  So I made her one of my most inspired creations yet: The Vegemite Cheeseburger.

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Stuffed Burger Recipe: Piggy In The Middle

Last week I posted about the stuffed burger press and ever since I have been dreaming of burgers – well, okay, I was dreaming of burgers before that anyway, but now those burgers have stuff inside them. So without further adieu I … Continue reading

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Insane In The Brain: Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger

I’ve been reading The BBQ Book by Christian Stevenson AKA DJ BBQ, one of Jamie Oliver’s pals from across the pond.  His enthusiasm for BBQ is infectious and I’ve already trialled a couple of recipes like the grilled pineapple salsa.  Anyhow, more … Continue reading

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Book Review: Man Food by Billy Law

It will come as absolutely no shock to you all that: I like bacon. So it was always to be that I would purchase any book adorned with a picture of a delicious bacon weave, no matter what the content. … Continue reading

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